Tuesday, October 21, 2014


The first chore of the day was to let the animals out for their free-ranging daytime hours and check for storm damage.  We were hit hard by an incredible force of wind throughout the night (and actually raging on for much of the day) but fortunately the animal housing and fences withstood it and nothing was damaged.  It’s always a humungous relief.  I often lie awake listening to the gusts and howling in the early hours, ready to leap to my feet at the first hint of an animal in distress or chaos reigning.   I’m very fortunate and happy to be able to say that it is an ultra rare occurrence for my butt to have to leave the warmth of my bed nest mid-night but I’m always on stand-by – it goes with the lifestyle.
Once the animals were let out, fed and watered, it was time to pop into the car to take Chelsea to college for the day.  Once we had dropped her off, we had a quick trip to the supermarket for a top up shop, and then on to the farmers merchant for sacks of animal feed.   Oh how it rained!  Torrential downpours were frequent, along with lorry shaking winds.  It felt rather precarious at times but we succeeded with our missions and accomplished half of our to-do list.
Once home it was egg-collection time (the kids still love collecting the fresh eggs, thanking the chickens as they do so – the novelty is yet to wear off). We also replenished food and water buckets as necessary and checked each animal with a glancing once over to ensure no noticeable limps, cuts or bumps where they shouldn’t be.  Then we sought the blissful sanctuary of the indoors.  Such relief to be able to shut the door on the howling wind wolf and change into dry clothes.
I toasted waffles and sat with a cuppa whilst all around me ate.  The postman bought a couple of postcards from Postcrossing families, so I went online and added their grateful receipt to the site.  One was from the US and the other from Italy.   Whilst on the site I requested five addresses for us to send cards to.  We were given families in Belarus, Finland, Germany, Russia and the Netherlands.  Callum and Taisia wanted to find out more about these and started looking on the globe and in our Atlas books.
Suddenly an impromptu Geography lesson was in true flow, with location searching, flag seeking, currency questions, climate information sought, and recipe ideas wanted.  I do so love the free learning style that our home-education allows.  I love that we can go with the flow, change direction and end up with days completely different to what had been planned.

The love of learning just keeps on growing, the flickering flame of curiosity is never extinguished.

Once we were all explored out, we settled down with a book.  Taisia’s choice today – a butterfly and moths encyclopedia.  It’s a BIG book.  It’s also fabulous.  The photographs and illustrations are just wonderful.  Although it isn’t really a sit down and read aloud sort of book, we did enjoy reading through snippets and it was a good resource for question answering.
We then sat and watched a bit of CBeebies together.  There was a program talking about the human body and why we get out of breath when doing physical exercise.  Callum really found this interesting and he talked about his experiences whilst playing sport.  He listened intently to what was said and then followed up what he was hearing by checking out a couple of our human body books and checking the internet for further information.  Taisia wanted to follow his example and we were soon sat together looking through books and playing online interactive games.  We discussed fitness levels, how we could improve our own, and eating healthily.  The children have decided that this is something they want to work more on so that’s something for me to start facilitating.
Tomorrow we have making salt-dough candle holders on the list of to-do.  I wonder what else tomorrow has in store for us to learn…

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