Sunday, November 09, 2014


We have had the most wonderful day, filled to the brim with quality family time, and bursting with joyful hearts and beautiful scenery.
We decided to head over to Tarr Steps on Exmoor.
tarr steps
When we first moved here to our smallholding, Tarr Steps was top of the must visit list.   Our neighbours described it as a truly gorgeous place, the people in the village said that we would all love it there, and the shopkeepers asked if we had been there, recommending it highly when we shook our heads.   Three years later and we have finally made it, and yes, I so wish we had discovered it sooner.
Only the younger three children wanted to join us today, so with Lee and I, that made just the five of us.  Chelsea chose to stay at home and work on her Psychology essay, Joseph is coming down with a cold and seems to be suffering with car sickness of late, and Tiegan wanted to stay at home to look after Coco, one of our chickens that is unwell at the moment and cage-bound indoors.
As we traveled along new to us roads, we were in awe of the beauty witnessed in all directions.   The 50 minute or so journey from home seemed to fly by, as is often the case when you are taking in stunning passing scenes.  We stared in wonder at the huge great trees that lined our path, their almost bare branches clinging to the very last of their leafy clothing.  We spoke of the colourful glow of colours that shone so brightly and lifted our moods – the reds, the yellows, bright oranges, and crisp browns, a true Autumnal display.    We looked out for pheasants roaming the lands and were fortunate to see them in abundance – hundreds of brightly coloured feathers and the bobbing of heads strutting aimlessly around their lush green land – occasionally we had to slow, and at times stop, to allow a pheasant, rabbit, or squirrel reach the safety of the other side of the road.   We were blessed to witness three birds of prey flying with ease overhead, one patiently hovering for the right time to swoop on a tasty morsel for its tea.
I don’t think that I will ever tire of ‘nature spotting’.  I still smile each time a bird or  field mouse cross my path, and I still can’t help but grin broadly when I see a heron at the riverside or a rabbit hopping along the grass verge.  No matter how many times I am witness to such visions, inside I feel that child-like giddiness felt when experiencing something truly wonderful.
Upon arrival at the car-park, the heavens opened and rain fell.  Heavily.  We waited for a short while and as predicted, the grey clouds dispersed and the sun attempted to shine through.  We collected all that we needed and headed down the path to the water’s edge.  Here we found breathtaking beauty.
We hugged…
We ran free…
We looked cute…
happy girl
and gorgeous…
We investigated…
and explored…
And I smiled from the heart as I saw such a special sibling bond from afar…
We chatted, we laughed, we strolled.  We blossomed in the fresh air and couldn’t help but grin.
Life felt good.
Life IS good.
Tomorrow we are seeing my parents, doing the usual Monday college run, and I hope to explore another open space as today was truly awesome.

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