Sunday, November 02, 2014


It’s been all go here in the Pollard household this week.  I had kinda hoped that with it being half term and with not needing to do any college runs, life would seem quieter.  In fact, chaos has ensued and I’ve had to work hard to keep up.  Taisia has seemingly had boundless energy which has been a struggle to calm, and I admit that my head has been in my hands more than once in sheer desperate need of a little peace – particularly when trying to settle an overtired baby that has been stimulated by the viewing of the aforementioned energy burst.
*Deep Breath*
We had a lovely day with friends on Tuesday – you know the kind of friends that you walk into their home and feel immediately at ease.  We hadn’t seen each other for a long while, but oh the joy I felt to spend a few precious hours in their company was immense.  The children adored spending time there too, exchanging stories with their teenage friend and getting to know the variety of birds they keep as pets.  Much amusement was had upon hearing the chatter of the parrots, and feeding the cockatiels, and our car was filled with excited re-telling chatter all the journey home.
Callum (aged 9) has been transformed into a baking fiend.  He has always enjoyed dabbling in cake-making, joining in with the stirring of the mixture or the weighing of ingredients.  But now things have upped a level for him and he is taking control of the make – from start to finish.  It’s been fun as chief taste taster, but also a learning curve for Callum when thing haven’t always gone to plan.  He learnt that a cake can for all intensive purposes appear cooked on the top, but hide a soup of gloop within when released from the tin – that was disappointing for the young man, but a lesson of patience was learnt.  So far cherry cake has been created and devoured, as has a Lemon Drizzle cake and a dried fruit cake.  He sits each evening pouring over recipe books to see what he can bake the next day.  He has his heart set on attempting pastry next so he can make tarts and flans.
Taisia turned four on Friday – as seemingly the rest of the country celebrated Halloween.  It’s a difficult balance trying to ensure that Halloween isn’t missed out on for the rest of the crew, but that Taisia feels that it is her ‘special’ day – although we should be used to it.  With Joseph celebrating his big day on Christmas Eve, and Tiegan on Boxing Day – well, that’s a whole lot of juggling of celebrations going on.  On Halloween we tend to focus all day on the birthday girl, waiting until darkness falls to get into the spooky party mood.
This year her main present was a bike – her first one!  She was rather impressed – thank goodness, I wasn’t sure if she would love it or hate it.
PicMonkey Collage
I’m afraid we went for a shop bought cake so I lose perfect mama points for that *shrug*.  The request was that it was Frozen themed, featuring the two sisters and snowman Olaf  – Tesco had the perfect one, saving me time, probably money (I tend to go overboard on decorating cakes), and no doubt a great deal of stress.  Win win.

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