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One of our family Christmas traditions that we all enjoy is the daily activity advent.   Each day we undertake a new task that helps us really get into the mood for the big day.  We try not to spend a huge amount of money on the activities, focusing on keeping things simple and enjoying the family time together – in other words, creating special childhood memories.
Each year around this time, I sit down and try to come up with something interesting for us to do each day, with a good mixture of home and outdoor activities each week.
This years list looks like this…
(in no particular order, and subject to change due to weather or oomph levels!)
1.  Make window decorations – I’m thinking of tissue paper stars, snowflakes, etc.
2. Visit Killerton House. Every year one of our nearest National Trust properties puts on a display of traditional decorations.  We try to make a special visit every year to see the display.
killerton house
3.  Write a letter to Santa.
4.  Make Salt Dough Decorations.
5.  Create homemade Christmas Cards.
6.  Let’s find out about Christmas traditions around the world.   Useful sites include this one and this one.  It is also St. Nicholas Day .  More here
7.  Bake some goodies – how about Jewel Cookies for starters?  We could make our Christmas bauble wreath, or tissue paper pom poms to hang or a snowflake garland.
8.  Let’s snuggle in the warm and read some Christmas stories and poems together.  Maybe we could write one of our own?
9.  Head to the beach to make a sand snowman!  Don’t forget to take supplies such as a hat and scarf, a carrot for the nose, etc.  Wrap up warm!
10.  Let’s do something for our feathered friends – we could make up some recipes such as these.
11.  Time to build our reindeer stable again…
rudolf door full
rudolf door
12.  Visit a local farm shop cafe for hot-chocs with friends.
13.  Bake and decorate a gingerbread house.  Chill out afterwards with a festive film and treats.
14.  Try our hand at making a non-alcoholic version of Apple Cider.
15.  Let’s go shopping for our family secret santa gifts….shhhhhh!
16.  Wrap up warm and go for a forest winter wander, maybe to Haldon for another Gruffalo hunt?
17.  Make Christmas chocolates and truffles.
18.  Craft festive lanterns such as these:
recycled crafts - Christmas Lanterns - Baked Bean Tin Lanterns
Photo Credit: 
19.  Daddy is bringing home the tree tonight – so it’s tree decoration time!
20.  Family wii game challenge day!
21.  Let’s bake some scrumptious goodies to deliver to our neighbours.  Don’t forget to take the cards too!
22.  Time to decorate our Christmas cake.  If dry, we could have a bonfire with baked potatoes and toasted marshmallows.  If the weather denies us, we can toast marshmallows indoors instead.
23.  Big baking day today, let’s make lots of goodies for us to eat.
24.  It’s Joseph’s birthday, let’s make it special for him.  This evening we could play some board games, go for an evening walk, and have candlelit baths.
Other things we may try to fit in include:
- a drive around the area to find the best decorated house.
- join in with an outdoor carol concert.
- visit a garden centre to check out their decorations – maybe even visit santa whilst there!
- think of a couple of random acts of kindness we could do for strangers.

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