Monday, November 03, 2014


One of the things that I really love about journal-style blog keeping is the way that it ensures I spend time reflecting upon our days. Without this blog I know for sure that I wouldn’t spend half as much time remembering the events of the day, the discussions, the moments of belly-hurting laughter, and the times of could do better mama.
I am grateful for this time of self-contemplation and I know my mama skill set is enhanced because of it.
Today has been a wonderfully fun but simple one. Early this morning – not so much – but the day improved and completely turned around.
Upon venturing downstairs it was immediately apparent that Amara wasn’t a happy little bee. She is struggling with teething issues and she has at least four trying to break free of the gums at the moment. Poor little mite is suffering greatly although for sure she has good days and not so good ones. I thought today was one of the latter. The first hour and a bit of my waking was spent trying to placate a screaming baby.  I tried hard not to play the woe is me card, but in truth I was feeling a little sorry for myself and I was absolutely gasping for that first morning cuppa!
I kept calm, carried Amara in my arms, and hoped for some improvement.
A quick trip out in the car for the college drop off and minor supermarket visit created a much needed break in proceedings.  Amara managed to settle for a short nap and all was well with my world once more.
When Amara woke, I knew things were going to be just fine.   She immediately went back to her latest ‘in thing’ –  practice walking across the room, from sofa to sofa, giggling to herself with a huge amount of pride.
I love that she is so determined to succeed no matter how many bumps-a-daisies occur.  Nothing is going to stop her from picking herself up and trying again.
I love that she glances around the room to check that all who are present are focusing eyes upon her.
I love hearing the “ook OOOOOK” that leaves her lips as she commands us to look at her whilst her unsteady legs wibble and wobble with every small stride.
And I love seeing her perfect tiny hands bounce clumsily together as she gives herself a round of applause – her eyes daring us not to join in, and her mouth open wide in pure joy at her achievements.
During all of this, the others are playing on Wii Sports – Callum and Joseph in particular are being ultra competitive.   Hilarity soon ensues and much side hurting laughter occurs.   I adore watching my children interact with each other.  I don’t think I shall ever tire of it.    I love listening to their comedic banter and often have the need to jolt myself out of a Cheshire Cat impersonation as I find myself sitting in silence with a rather stupid looking grin across my face.
I’m blessed to share my life with such amazing young people.
It was duly noted that the rain had ceased.  Wellie-bobs and jackets were hurriedly put on and the dog called to attention.  It was time for outdoor play.  Bikes were ridden, balls were thrown, chickens were chatted to, scooters were scooted, goats were cuddled and fussed, geese were ran away from, eggs were counted and collected, and the trampoline was bounced upon.
Indoors for toasted waffles and a tidy up, whilst plans were made for the afternoon.
Science experiments were requested so we raided the kitchen cupboards for supplies.
We wanted to do a rainbow layered density experiment but I couldn’t find all of the food colouring bottles so that was a no can do. We settled on the vegetable oil and salt ‘lava lamp’ and the three layered density experiment, with more planned for tomorrow.
Somebody should tell this little lady that sitting at a table ‘learning’ shouldn’t be this much fun!
happy lessons
Everyone had a go reading through the instructions and adding in the ‘ingredients’.
We talked about why the layers didn’t mix and that some liquids were heavier than others.  We talked about the term density and repeated the experiments a few times to ensure the same result.  Callum in particular was absolutely in his element.  He adores all things hands-on and he asked numerous questions.  He saved the layered jar to demonstrate the result to his father when he returned home from work, and it was great to see a whole lot of ‘can’t stand still I’m so excited to tell you’ enthusiasm from Callum as he spoke of all he had learnt.
I’m blessed to be able to be there to experience such learning processes on a daily basis.
Taisia requested we make some playdough so I earned a great many fabulous mama points by digging out the flour, salt, water, oil, cream of tartar, and old  saucepan.  Approximately half an hour later we had beautifully pliable and non-sticky dough to play with AND beaming children.  Lots of role play type games followed.  A current favourite is an over-acting chef and waiting staff with food orders being taken from the ‘diners’ AKA mama and dad.  The food is carefully handcrafted out of dough and served up with varying displays of customer service – some very good, others purposely bad.  The game never ceases to raise a smile.
Chelsea was collected from College and my ears were then filled with the events of her day.  It appears she is on course for gaining another distinction for her first Sociology essay, but that is yet to be confirmed.  She has been asked to be in charge of the ‘creative’ side to the college magazine which is just what she wanted so I had a beautiful beaming girl in front of me making my heart sing.  College life and her chosen subject matter very much suits her greatly and she is thriving.
I am loving her passion.
I am loving being a mama.

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