Monday, November 24, 2014


So today has been near the top of the you’ve done ok you know scale.   It started off with the college drop off, then we headed over to a new-to-us park in Tiverton.  I confess to have been really lazy exploring the area since we moved here a couple of years ago.  I am trying to make a conscious effort to seek out more outdoor gems now, my children really do love (and need) to spend time outdoors.  Having the land we do here makes that pretty easy – hence the laziness – but  now we want to get out and about more.
A short five minutes or so traipse from the shops led us a great area to play.  The children loved it!  Their feet found pace and merry laughter could soon be heard.
We smiled a lot…
all smiles
We climbed…
We tentatively tried new equipment…
round we go
We allowed time for curiosity…
Posed like models…
and adored playing with all the beautiful fallen leaves…
**Note to self**  Definitely time to dig out or knit the hats and gloves!
We chatted with a few also braving the cold people.  I got asked if I home-educated and had a nice chat about how we did things.  Taisia shared see-saw and standing roundabout rides with new ‘friends’ and enjoyed chattering with them.
We strolled back through town, stopping at the post office along the way to post a parcel and our Postcrossing  postcards.  We got back to the car and as I put Amara in her car seat I realised that the seat-belt holding it into place had been unclipped.  Oh botheration, I usually leave the car seat fitting to Lee as he can get it far tighter than I.  I struggled.  I heaved.  I cursed (and apologised).  Almost 20 minutes later I had succeeded, oh relief!  I had been trying to figure out how on earth I would get home if I didn’t have a secure car seat in place for Amara.
Then I couldn’t remember how to collapse the pushchair.  Seriously.  Yes, I know.  I’ve had 6 children, it should be second nature by now, but no. We use the pushchair so little (preferring to wrap), that I really had forgotten about the silly little fiddly bit that you have to pull out and almost sever your finger off with.  Another 10 minutes of ‘one of those days’ thinking and it was finally done.
The drive home was non-eventful thankfully.
The same can’t be said for Lee’s drive home.  As he collected Chelsea from college and drove down the lanes towards our house he hit a patch of ice.  The car did a 360 spin.  Fortunately he was able to avoid the ditch and even more fortunately nobody was hurt.  Scary stuff.
As they were recovering from that ordeal and tootling along the lanes in the now dark, they saw a small figure of *something* in the middle of the road.  Upon approaching very slowly, they found it to be a very young lamb, umbilical cord still attached.  It was shivering, poor wee thing.  Lee managed to pick it up and passed it over to Chelsea who held it on her lap as they drove slowly down the road in search of the field it had escaped from.  A short drive presented them with a field of sheep and it soon became apparent that there were desperate bleatings being shared between mama and lamb.  Phew!  I dread to think what the consequences for the poor little fella would have been if he hadn’t been found – it was certainly too cold a night to survive alone and it would have been an easy meal for a hungry fox.  Of course, the risk of being hit by a car was high too – sadly some of the drivers around here aren’t at all cautious with their speed limits and hurtle around the lanes with little thought for others.
Certainly a good deed done.
Meanwhile at home I was attempting to make iced doughnuts.  All went to plan until the baking part.  10 minutes it said.  At 9 and a half minutes I checked the oven – decidedly overdone – very overdone (but not burnt, they weren’t burnt!)  How disappointing.  However, they tasted not too bad and I want to have another go now the lesson has been learnt.
The others were either helping me bake, reading, or painting.  It was nice.  Everyone went to bed happy and contented with life – that’s all we can ask for, right?
In other news, have you popped over to Ross Mountney’s Notebook and read myguest posting over there yet?  I was honored to be asked and it was therapeutic for me to remember the start of our journey and the struggles we were experiencing at that time.  I hope others find it useful.

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