Friday, January 30, 2015


Gosh.  Things sure have been quiet around here huh?
I do apologise.  Things haven’t been at their easiest here in the Pollard household sadly.  We have been fighting off various illness bugs, migraines, and in the case of my dear husband, a bad bout of Sciatica.  I really don’t feel as if we are back into the full swing of things as yet, but I’m working on it.  I’m desperate to regain a successful fluid flow to our days, we seem very stop starty at the moment and I’m finding it somewhat of a struggle.
January hasn't exactly been the wonderful new year, new beginning, that I had envisaged.  I was full of enthusiasm leading up to January 1st, making plans and writing lists.  I was excited to see what the new year would bring with it and it has to be said, thus far I’m pretty darn disappointed.  Along with the ill health issues affecting even the littlies amongst us, we have already had Chelsea’s medication not working and needing to be reviewed, and a hospital stay.  We have also suffered the sad loss of one of our chickens and one of our geese.  I sure am ready for February!
One positive thing about nursing the miseries, is that I have regained my love of sewing.  I've set up the sewing machine in the living room – which although perhaps not very aesthetically pleasing, means that I can sit with the family – and perhaps more importantly, keep an eye on my youngest two with ease.   I have two beautiful little girls who are eagerly awaiting the making of new frocks and twirly skirts, so not only is my passion for sewing a good ol’ soul nurturer for me, it is also very useful!   My latest make for Amara was this simply classic peasant style dress.  I have made her a matching hairband as I love the fabric so much.   The fabric for anyone ‘in the know’ so to speak is designed by Timeless Treasures and is from there more recent collections I believe.

I would desperately love an overlocker as that would really make the process so much quicker.  It would offer a much more professional finish to the garments too.  I have so many ideas of what I want to make, everything from cute dungarees and pinafore dresses to sweet bloomer shorts and pretty tops for the summer months.  I’m busy dreaming and designing as I save hard, and have been selling off various books and craft ‘stash’ to try to assist with the financing.  I love the idea of the girls having a whole wardrobe of handmade goodies – and who knows, maybe I could do a few craft fairs and the like?  Never say never 
Next week I’m really hoping to get back into the home-ed swing of things again.  I’ve been pinning a few things on the Classroom Free pinterest boards, and have created a new Chinese New Year idea board.   I’m going to be looking at telling the time with Taisia over the coming weeks as she keeps asking the how to questions, so in case anyone finds it of use, here is the link to a resource board for that too.  All of the boards are continuously being added to as and when time allows.
Tomorrow I have errands to run (snow and/or ice permitting!), skirts to sew, groceries to sort, and a kit to begin with Taisia.  I hope to be back blogging regularly again now health is improving, so please pop by and visit again soon!

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  1. Good to hear from you again Julia, so sorry you have all been feeling a little under the weather. It's been similar in our house! Perhaps we can finally arrange that meet up we had planned? We have been in Devon for almost a year now and we are very happy and settled here these days. Ellie xx