Friday, January 02, 2015


The weather has been beautifully mild here today.  Here in rural Devon we have been experiencing a real cold spell of late, lots of ice on the roads meaning scary driving conditions and shivering!   It felt lovely not to have to put on oodles of layers in order to feel conscious whilst doing the early outdoor chores this morning.  For the past week we have also been having a stroll up the lane morning and night to tend to a neighbours chooks.  It has been rather refreshing and the extra chill factor has certainly led to a feeling of wide-awake exhilaration!  Of course, the freezing temperatures do come with certain issues, such as freezing water pipes.  I never did share the 1am outside tap fiasco did I?  If I say it was freezing cold, involved lots of water spraying in all directions, was pitch black dark, AND there was an impossible to open stop-tap cover, you may get the idea of the utter chaos.  I can share that both Tiegan and Joseph did an amazing impression of ‘FROZEN’ – complete with ice in hair.
Amara is having lots of fun taking her first walks out.  Yesterday we walked together with Taisia and her camera, down the lane to run an errand and it was a very slooooow meander.   I love trying to see the world through the eyes of a child, and Taisia and Amara really helps me to do just that.
little photographer
We stopped at every puddle, we examined thick mud, we took care to stare at many leaves, we looked up and took time to watch the birds soaring above, and we giggled as feathers and leaves blew across our path – sometimes giving chase to see if we could catch one.   It’s really good for my soul to relax and just be, to connect with the children in an unhurried and non-flustered way.  The resulting smiles and arms outstretched offering hugs lead me to believe that the children enjoy it too.
The main to-do on our job list today was to secure the fencing after a couple of goat escape escapades.  Goats are notorious escapers and they will look for any little weakness in their secure area and expose it with ease.  We section off areas of the field to allow for the rest and recuperation of the grass, but it’s that old age saying “The grass is always greener…” *sigh*.  As Lee is currently sporting a bad back, the fence fixing today was down to me and Joseph.  It was truly lovely working outside.  The birds were happily flitting from tree to tree, their song filling our ears and enhancing our pleasure and competing in volume with the happy sounds of the children on the swings.  The chickens gathered around our feet to see what we were getting up to – no doubt hoping for a good turnover of earth to facilitate their worm hunting efforts.
Although steady on the flat, Amara is not yet used to exploring the more uneven ground of a field.  She still seeks a hand to hold for reassurance, and often just wants to sit and watch.  Today we wrapped her up in her (oh so pretty!) waterproof / mudproof suit and wellie-bobs, and she adored being part of action.
outdoor girl
Meanwhile, her big sister was terribly busy looking for tree dwelling spiders…
And going into battle…
on the march
(yes, that is a Frozen nightdress she is wearing with her wellies).
Tomorrow we have errands to run, shopping to sort, and ….. well, who knows!

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