Monday, July 25, 2016

All about the bees

We had a lovely day today, meeting up with our local home-education group once again for a Bees Workshop.
We met up in a fantastic outside space which was just a 10 minute drive from our home – super handy for us, and for once going out didn’t need to be a military operation with a checklist for all of our needs.  Joseph decided to give the workshop a miss and stay home with Milo the pup.
Upon arriving at Byway Woods, near Bickleigh Castle, we were met by Nick from the Tanglewood Project based in Crediton.  There was lots of Bee keeping equipment for the children to look through and touch, and the questions soon came rolling in from excited voices wanting to know more.
Once the majority of the attendees were deemed to have arrived (around 40 or so children, plus adults), we sat down to listen to Nick talk about bees and his 9 years experience of keeping them.
Bee Keeping Talk
Nick covered so many topics from the different sizes of different bees, through to swarming and the necessary tools and equipment, and we were all lucky enough to receive gorgeous honeycomb to look at and eat.  Once the interactive talk was over, we got the opportunity to pick up and touch the items that had been brought along and ask yet more questions!  There were a lot of very curious minds there today.
hands onbees
Just as the Drumming workshop last week, the event was very laid back and relaxed.  None of the children were forced to participate and all had the freedom to wander off and play if they preferred.  The weather was once again beautiful, and you really couldn’t blame those that wanted to be off and explore the surroundings.  It was such a stunning setting, with quite breathtaking views and oh so peaceful.
Beautiful Devon
We had lunch – again, a very relaxed affair, with children coming and going as they wished.  I barely saw Taisia.  She was ultra confident today, off and gone with her friends and talking to both adults and children alike.  Callum and Tiegan also spent a lot of time with their friends today, and Amara (aged 2) spent her day flitting to an fro, spreading her time amongst all three and me.  I was able to spend a fair bit of time chatting to the other mama’s which was lovely.  Slowly I am re-building my confidence within group settings, it’s been a long time since I’ve felt comfortable and I’m so grateful that people have been so welcoming.
Once the hoards were fed, we packed up belongings and literally headed for the hills – a really lovely walk of just a small part of the approximately 100 or so acres.  Amara walked with me – although independently as per the norm at the moment.  A small voice of “I want to do it myself” is quite the mantra at the moment.  Taisia was walking way off in front.  Many a time I could be seen standing on tippy toes trying to ensure she was still within sight – often she wasn’t and my heart pounded for a moment until her long plait could be seen in the distance.  Callum and Tiegan walked with friends and happy chatting could be heard.
Once back at the field where it all began, there was more nattering amongst parents and playing amongst children.
It was an absolutely lovely day and one I shall remember with a happy heart for a long time to come

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