Saturday, July 23, 2016

Our Week

This week has been a lot of fun.  We have been really enjoying the experience of having a new puppy around, and Milo has certainly been making himself right at home.  He has captured our hearts already that’s for sure.
We have been settling into a lovely evening routine with him.  Just as the light starts to fade a little, we go outside and start bedding down the animals for the night.  Our trio of goats are brought into their stable abode and fed and watered, the chickens are counted as they sit on their perches and the runner ducks are gently herded.  Water buckets are cleaned out and sat waiting, ready for refilling in the morning, and feed buckets are brought down to the food room ready for the morning routine to start all over again.
Then we sit.
We sit and look to the skies.
As darkness begins to fall, the resident bats begin to flutter.
It’s a sight I don’t think I shall ever tire of.
They flip and twirl, loop and swirl, to and fro – dancing through the air as there wings flap at amazing speed.  Often we feel them just pass our heads, and respond in awe with agasp.
Often we are accompanied by the hooty toots of the neighborhood owls.  We have various species surrounding us and love listening to their call and answering sessions as we sit in otherwise silence.
Bat watching in the dark. Love our life and home #classroomfree #homeeducation #welovehomeed #unschooling #family #kidsoutdoors #screenfree #kidsinnature #outdoorfun #batwatching #simplelife #simplechildhood #makingmemories
Bat watching in the dark.
We are so blessed to be living here.  So so so very blessed.
Milo is loving the field to run around in too, this picture was taken with the flash on so apologies for the poor quality, but he looked too cute not to share!
We have spent a lot of time outside this week.  Last Saturday we went for the lovely long walk where both Lee (husband) and I took photographs – and Taisia did too!
camera girl
I love sharing my passion for photography with my children, and feel very lucky to have a husband that also shares my love.  It means between us we have a great opportunity to create a fabulous album of family memories.
happy childrenstrollCallum and me
prettyflying with wings
On Sunday of course, the big day had arrived and it was picking up doggy time!  Oh we were so excited!!
We stopped off at the beach on the way home to break up the journey a bit, and the children had a great time exploring and beach sitting.
Of course Milo had to be carried all of the time, but we did snap this quick pictures when his paws touched the ground for a mini-mo.  I think he looks like one of the family already.  Who’d have thought we had met him less than an hour before?
Monday saw us pottering around at home and getting to know our new pup, as he got to know to us.  He slotted into our family readily and settled in remarkably quickly.
Tuesday was trip to the vet day.  Milo was weighed (2.4kg), and had his first lot of injections.  He took it all in his stride and didn’t really care one jot.  Tiegan, Taisia and Amara all came along for the experience, and they found it very interesting and a lot easier to get through than the last time we were there.   Just a few weeks ago we had to have one of our cats put to sleep after a suspected rat poisoning incident – we were heartbroken.  It was nice to have a positive vet experience this time around.
I had a lovely phone call from Chelsea. We chatted for almost an hour.  Oh how I miss her!  But she sounds blissfully happy and enjoying life and that’s all a mama can ask for.  Her studying is going well and health wise her colitis is under control – there is just the matter of a liver infection to deal with at the moment.  Hopefully that will be sorted swiftly.
Wednesday was African Drumming day – so much fun!  New friends were made, new things were learnt, and a great day was had.  The children are still talking about it now with much glee.
Thursday was mama catching up with peg people painting for orders day.   Luckily Milo was great entertainment! I had ordered a dog book which arrived so the children read through that and discussed all the ins and outs of dog care and training whilst they played with the pup.
And Friday was trip to town, visit to the post office, and start our Pokemon Go adventures day!  We found 7 if anyone is interested, I am not sure who enjoyed it the most – me (at 41 years of age!) or the children.  Couldn’t help but raise a smile each time we saw others stopping and phone staring.
Each day has been filled with plentiful discussions – political viewpoints and news in abundance (have I mentioned that Joseph wants to become an MP?),
It’s been a great week.  Home feels like a really happy abode, the children are smiley and joyful, and we are all in good health.  Plans are being made for where we can take the pup when he is allowed to be on the ground, and we are looking forward to Lee having two weeks off in August so we can share lots of quality time as a family – with Milo in tow!

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