Saturday, October 01, 2016

Catching Up

Life, learning, business and fun – just about sums up these past few months.  Nothing remarkable to report, but happily enjoying our days.
Surely it can’t be October already?  Really?  This year has just whizzety whizzed by at lightening fast speed, it’s quite scary.
Things have been trundling along merrily here.
My little peg doll business is growing beautifully – and I am so so so very proud to be able to say we no longer claim a housing benefit top up or council tax benefit due in the main to my earnings.

That feels AMAZING!

It has been a goal of mine for a long while and finally it’s been achieved.
Who’d have thought that little wooden characters such as these…
Wooden Peg Dolls UK
would be helping to pay the bills!
All the work behind the scenes – the CE testing, the website building, the networking, the Etsy shop stocking, the packaging designing, the post office runs, the list goes on and on and on before we even think about the designing and the painting – has been worth it.  Well worth it.  If you fancy finding out more you can check out the website at or visit our Facebook page at – apologies for the blatant self-promotion, but it is helping us continue our home-education journey and all support is much appreciated.
Of course, the downside of the business building is the struggle and juggle to fit even more into my day.
Although I’m very blessed to be at home all day with the children, I do feel we could do with a better routine to ensure that nothing gets missed.  I am very fortunate to have a supportive husband who is happy to do childcare at the weekends if he is not called into work.  This means that I can have (more or less) uninterrupted painting time to catch up with any orders due out.  This weekend I will be putting together a plan of what I would like our week days to look like – whether it develops into fruition is a different thing of course, but we can but try.  We have started attending a local home-education group that is run fortnightly and the children love that.  They have really settled into it so it seems so that’s great.  Whether or not we attempt to join other groups in the future remains to be seen, but I’d really like to build up our social network a little and there is so much going on around the Devon area.
Taisia (turning 6 at the end of the month) is very much seeking more structured ‘learning’ time.  She is wanting to ‘do school’.  She is talking a lot about school at the moment – or at least her idea of school as seen on children’s TV.  She likes the idea of all the learning stuff, but doesn’t want to go.  So I am going to have to up my game somewhat and start planning.
Amara (who will be 3 on Monday) is wanting to do all that her next in line sister does.  It’s driving Taisia a bit batty to be honest, but she does try to be a good ‘big sis’ the best she can.  So I am going to start looking for ideas that can keep Amara occupied whilst I spend time with Taisia, and things that Taisia can do solo without my help whilst I spend time with Amara.  Did I mention the juggle?
Callum and Tiegan are just, well, erm the lovely Callum and Tiegan!  They haven’t changed much, still go with the flow types, happy to see where the day takes them.  Current interests for both include Minecraft, Marvel, and Clash of Clans – which is lovely as they spend a lot of time discussing things and making battle plans.   Tiegan is still an avid book reader, and Callum is mad about football – much of his time is spent outside football training and fitness building.  He is still fascinated by Geography and loves looking through books to learn things like the flags of each country.
Joseph is past the home-education stage now.  At 18 he is a great young man with a lot to offer.  He has a great sense of humour and we laugh together pretty much daily – he is a great feel-good tonic to have around!  Joe is avidly interested in politics and has been following the Labour / Corbyn situation closely.  He now wants to work towards becoming an MP.  For now he is learning about marketing and business strategies to help me out.  He is also learning about photography.
Chelsea will be 21 this year – just wow!  She has flown the nest as some will know, but we talk for almost an hour on a pretty much weekly basis.  Chelsea’s Ulcerative Colitis battle is still ongoing, and she has been having a few flare ups.  But she sounds incredibly happy where she is and that’s good enough for me.  She is still studying Psychology and English Literature and as far as I’m aware it’s going very well.
With being so busy over the past few months, photo taking (other than the little wooden folk) has been severely lacking.  I really miss it!  I’m going to make a conscious effort throughout October to get back to documenting our days again as I really used to enjoy the regular writing and the record to look back on, and I know that many enjoyed reading!
The younger girls have been enjoying baking – last weekend they spent time in the kitchen with their dad making Apple and Apple and Blackberry pies – after we went fruit picking down the lanes.   With views like this, it’s a joy to take a stroll!
The girls love been hands on (and some would say messy!) in the kitchen.
But the fruits of their labor were delicious!
Milo pup is growing into a really gorgeous family member.  Amara absolutely adores him and the two are becoming firm friends.
I think these two are best buddies #classroomfree #simplechildhood #homeed #bestfriends #dogsofinstagram #pupsofinstagram #puppylove #dogsandkids #sleepingbabies
We've been duck feeding at the canal…
And enjoying lovely walks through National Trust owned land.
Some of us also enjoyed cookies!amara
I shall be popping back on to offer a couple of book reviews over the weekend and share our daily plan if I manage to get around to it.  For now it’s putting away the grocery delivery and back to the painting table for me!

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