Sunday, July 17, 2016

The weekend we met Milo

We have had a really wonderful weekend.  The weather has helped the mood for sure, the sun has certainly shown her best side.
On Saturday we just pootled around at home seemingly doing not very much – although little hands were constantly busy.  We went for a lovely walk around the lanes, an activity which we have been neglecting recently somewhat.I love that my children appreciate where we live and the beauty that surrounds us.  I love that Taisia (aged 5), excitedly shouts “Hurry hurry mama, I’ve found your favourite thing!” And then points out an amazing view of endless multi-shaded green fields with perfect hedgerow outlines and wise old trees.  Breathtaking.
Every field gate has to be climbed and view admired…
The hedgerows have to be explored…
Mini creatures have to be admired and wowed over…
Dragonflyopen wingedBug
butterfly joy
Lanes have be run up and down…
and animals must be hello’d and how’d ya do’ed at.
It was a truly delightful few hours.
Sunday started earlier than usual for us as we knew we had a bit of a trek ahead.  After much thought and pro’s and conning, we decided to seek a new canine to join our family.  Our home just hasn’t been the same since the sad passing of Kira, and although she will never be never be replaced or forgotten, we felt the time was right to open up our home to a new doggy member.
So I would like to introduce Milo, a 9 week old mixed breed pup.
Milo's first picture
I’m in love.
He is currently lay across my lap fast asleep as I type.
Milo is a mix of chihuahua x papillon x shih tzu . His mama being a mix of the former two, his father the latter.  We had four pups to choose from, but Milo pretty much chose us with his constant waggy tail, licky kisses and snuggles.  The others were a little more timid and reserved, and although ultra cute, it was Milo that won our hearts – it just felt right. Immediately Milo was calm and settled with us.  In the car we heard nothing from him, he was totally relaxed.
Because of this ultra calm disposition, we decided to break up the long drive home, on a very warm day, by stopping off at the beach.   We were totally guided by how Milo seemed, and he was coping well with the big changes for sure.  Of course, he was too young to play on the beach – or even step a foot upon it – but he was happily held and transfixed by the new surroundings.
The children played for a while,  and we were reminded how much we missed beach time play.
togetherTaisiaPlane spottinghappy
They paddled in water, looked for fishes and other pool dwelling creatures, and picnicked!
The two hour drive home went relatively quickly and again Milo took it all in his stride.  Once home he settled down immediately, he ate a little, drank a little, and ran around after the younger girls a lot!  He greeted Joseph at their first meeting as if he were a long lost friend, and soon won over all of our hearts.  We are sure to have lots of happy days and wonderful memory making moments ahead.

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